Baking ActiveRecord Cookies With JSON

Our upcoming Mightyvites site has a nifty form where users can calculate the cost of their invitations. There are a number of options to choose from, and once a user makes the effort to price a package they shouldn’t lose their settings if they leave the page. It’s imperative that the form pick up where the user left off so that it is easy for them to continue with their purchase. That said I needed a way to persist their configuration, but I couldn’t rely on the database because the user very well may be anonymous. I also didn’t want to use the session because it will expire soon.
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Early Adopter’s Special!

unique wedding invitations by mighty nice

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The Mightyvites Site Is Feature Complete

That’s big news for us. It means that our goals for the first version of the online portion of our invitation system have been reached (exceeded, actually!). A few more tweaks, a bit more testing, and then we’ll be ready to put the site online for private beta. During that time we’ll invite a few friends to open a demo account and have a go at our system. Assuming the beast withstands the beta storm we’ll launch it live shortly thereafter for your invitation pleasure!

If you’d like to volunteer to be a beta tester then please let us know. The more feedback we can get before launch the better!

Is JavaScript Disabled? Ask The User!

Any good web developer knows that you can’t rely on JavaScript to provide core site functionality. For now we still have to worry about that ever-shrinking group of users who either turn off JavaScript in their browser or who are using a browser which doesn’t support JavaScript. This is always an issue when developing for the modern web because you want to provide users with the snazzy effects and interfaces they have come to expect, but you still want your site to work without them. Much has been written about graceful degradation and its kinder sibling progressive enhancement (I particularly like this article). Both techniques offer sound principles for building fancy sites that still work without client-side scripting. However, both typically rely only on the user agent to let the web application know the browsing environment. In fact there is a human right there who can tell you better what they would like their experience to be. That’s why I like to use a little technique called “ask the user” to address the JavaScript problem. It’s not as serious sounding as those other two techniques, but I think it’s a happy medium. Here’s how it works.
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What’s Happenin’ At Mighty Nice

We may have launched as a company just a few weeks ago, but Steph & I have been working together for some time. In fact we have a handful of great clients and a couple cool projects going on that I thought I’d share with you.

The biggest blip on our radar is the website redesign of Pediatric Eye MD, an eye care practice in Queens, NY. We’re in the middle of the design phase with the good doctors there and will soon put together a complete mock-up of their new site. Building it should be a blast since it will be our first multi-lingual website (English & Spanish). Steph is also working on a redesign of their company logo.

A second website project that we have on our plate is for a Chicago start-up named Black Cherry Pin-up. Charlotte, the owner, has some great hats and other headgear which she needs to display. We’ll be doing a gallery site for her which can be used as a storefront for the BCP Etsy shop. The result will likely be similar to what we did for Steph’s site.

I’m also helping Lake Forest Dental Arts make some search engine optimizations and of course we’re up to our eyeballs in Mightyvites. All said, we’re keeping busy, but we do have time for more! So if you, or a business you know of, needs some help with a website please keep us in mind. Let us know if you make a referral and next time we see you out we’ll buy you a beer at the bar ;-)