What The Heck Is a Mightyvite (and what does Mighty Nice have to do with it)?

The first slide of our Mightyvites tour inspired the title of this post. We put the tour together to try to make it fun & easy to learn what Mightyvites are. We think it works, but it probably does so better in its original context: the Mightyvites website. That’s right, there’s a second website on the way, and it’s much bigger and badder than its mother at mighty-nice.com.
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Thank You

Launch was fun. We definitely appreciate all the kind and encouraging words we received. For the past few months we’ve been working hard to put together the company and our Mightyvites product, but we haven’t had much of a public presence. It can be lonely in that state, and you start to wonder if what you’re doing is worthwhile. To finally put ourselves out there and have people show their interest via Facebook, Twitter, emails, phone calls, etc. is not only exciting but also a nice morale boost. Big thanks to everyone for showing your support.

Mighty Nice Website Launched

We’re officially up and running on the web. Check out our site and learn more about who we are and what we do at www.mighty-nice.com. Be sure to check out the Mightyvites Tour, that’s the coolest part!

Hello World, We’re Mighty Nice

Is this thing on? Anyone reading? Oh, you are!

Thanks for checking us out. This is the first post of a new blog for a fresh company.  We’re Mighty Nice, Inc. A sibling owned, Chicago-based graphic design, web development, and specialty printing company that is hoping to turn the event invitation world on its head. My name is Chris Stump, and my sister and business partner is Stephanie Stump. For the past few months we’ve worked hard to put together our spin on an old tradition in the form of a print and web hybrid invitation system. We call it Mightyvites, and we hope to unleash it on the world in the spring.

With regards to this blog, well, we hope to do our best with it. Neither one of us has blogged before, but we think we have a thing or two to add to the blogosphere. That said we plan to use it for Mighty Nice news as well as commentary on web development, graphic design, print making, and start-up business. That’s everything we do, and when we mash it together we tend to have pretty cool results. So, stick around. Subscribe to our blog and drop us a line once in a while. We’d like to know you as much as we hope you get to know us.

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