Thank You Cards Match Orchid Wedding Invitations

Remember our customer who ordered the Orchids invitation with matching save the date cards? Well she didn’t stop there. We did thank you cards, too. When Sarah initially ordered save the date cards to match her wedding invitations, we knew she was a customer who appreciated the impact of an entire suite of printed material to add elegant touches to her wedding. That’s why we were thrilled (but not entirely surprised) when she later inquired about printing thank you cards to match the design of her invitations. We thought her Mightyvite turned out great, so we were happy to oblige.

wedding thank you cards orchids

Thank you cards printed to match the “Orchid” Mightyvite design

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Online Wedding Invitations Great For International Weddings

One of the nicest features of online wedding invitations is the RSVP. It’s quick, easy, and guests can edit responses as the event draws nearer. It also saves your guests a trip to the post office since they don’t have to mail a physical RSVP card, and it therefore saves you postage. Another great feature is that you can post the details of your event online, which allows you to make a bounty of logistical information available to your guests— along with the usual stories and tidbits, of course! All of this is particularly useful if you are planning a wedding that includes guests from other countries. Our customers Brooke and Steve realized this, and took full advantage of everything our online wedding invitations have to offer.

Brooke and Steve live in Germany, but their wedding took place in Western Australia. Their guest list consisted mainly of addresses from the U.K., Australia, and Germany. While they wanted to utilize the convenience and functionality of online wedding invitations, they still wanted to mail paper invitations to their guests. Since hybrid invitations are our specialty, a Mightyvite was the perfect solution.

online wedding invitations notice

Notice design printed in sapphire and fucshia

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Online Wedding Invitation Combines Vintage & New Styles

Something that makes Mightyvites unlike other online wedding invitations is their ability to blend the traditional and contemporary. The idea of combining printed invitations with online RSVP and event details does this inherently, but our customers Demetra and Shaun from Florida took it a few steps further.

Ella Online Wedding Invitation

“Ella” design printed in charcoal on cream paper with QR code and offline RSVP cards

Demetra and Shaun chose to add a QR code to the enclosures that come with all Mightyvites. This made it easy for guests to go online to RSVP and view wedding details like maps and links to registry. However, they also ordered traditional offline RSVP cards to send out to a few guests who may not have been able to go online. Add to that the sweet vintage look of the Ella design and you’ve got some wedding invitations that really cover all the old-and-new-school bases! It’s certainly something to consider in this day and age, and we think Demetra and Shaun did a great job sticking to tradition while venturing into new territory with their online wedding invitation. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Are you looking for an online wedding invitation that still provides some traditional touches? Browse our gallery and choose a Mightyvite today!

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Chicago Wedding Customizes Skyline Design

We’re always excited to see what customers will do to make our existing designs their own. After all, invitations should reflect the look and feel of your wedding and ultimately be an expression of the happy couple. We think Eva and Adam did a great job in customizing our Skyline design to suit their Chicago wedding.

skyline online wedding invitation

Skyline design printed digitally in ebony and buttercream

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Air or Water? Choose Your Favorite Image for an Invitation Design!

The summer months always seem to fly by, and this year has been no exception. As August arrives in Chicago, we enjoy the last of the summer festivals, alternate bouts of sunshine and rain, and gear up for the annual Air & Water Show! Each year, millions gawk at a showcase of daredevil feats in the air and on Lake Michigan. With the magnificent Chicago skyline as a backdrop, it truly is a thrilling event. In honor of the show’s 53rd year, this month’s design poll features images inspired by air & water that we think would look great on any invitation. And, although we don’t have daring parachuters or fierce fighter jet formations, we do have some pretty cool stuff. Vote for your favorite today, and we’ll make a design with the winning image!

Air or water? Vote in our poll today and see the winning image on a new invitation design!

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