Air or Water? Choose Your Favorite Image for an Invitation Design!

The summer months always seem to fly by, and this year has been no exception. As August arrives in Chicago, we enjoy the last of the summer festivals, alternate bouts of sunshine and rain, and gear up for the annual Air & Water Show! Each year, millions gawk at a showcase of daredevil feats in the air and on Lake Michigan. With the magnificent Chicago skyline as a backdrop, it truly is a thrilling event. In honor of the show’s 53rd year, this month’s design poll features images inspired by air & water that we think would look great on any invitation. And, although we don’t have daring parachuters or fierce fighter jet formations, we do have some pretty cool stuff. Vote for your favorite today, and we’ll make a design with the winning image!

Air or water? Vote in our poll today and see the winning image on a new invitation design!

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Breaking Down Borders: Which is Best for an Invitation?

Decorative borders are a great way to enhance the design of an invitation, be it for a wedding or any other occasion. Whether they’re simple and elegant or playful and fun, they can help express the spirit of your event. Looking though the Mightyvites Gallery, I saw that we could use a few more options that include borders. Hence this month’s design poll! My friends, I leave it to you to decide…which border is best? Cast your vote today and we’ll make a design with the winning border!


Would you like to see this border on an invitation? Vote for it today! (it only takes about 10 seconds).

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May is for Monograms! Which do you like for a wedding invitation?

So, did you watch the Royal Wedding? Whether you’re a fan of such things or not, it was easy to get swept up in the buzz created by the majestic matrimony. Of course, we here at Mighty Nice were particularly interested in the invitations sent out to the estimated 1,900 guests.


William & Kate's wedding invitation

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Birthdays Need Invitations, Too! Which image is your favorite?

Weddings aren’t the only occasion that Mightyvites are good for. This month, in celebration of a certain Arian invitation designer, we’re focusing on birthdays. Which image would you like to see on a birthday Mightyvite? Cast your vote today, and we’ll make an invitation design with the winning image!

Hooray, cupcakes! Vote today if you'd like to see this on a Mightyvite!

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Wedding Invitation Typefaces: Which Font Are You For?

Invitations are the first aspect of an event that your guests will see, and as such it is important to think about the tone they set for the upcoming occasion. But the words you choose for your invites aren’t the only way to set this tone—the typeface, or font, that you choose for those words also communicates a message. With the many thousands of fonts available today, it can seem like an overwhelming choice to make. I like to think of fonts as “clothing” for words. Like articles of clothing, each font has its own personality and appropriate place to be “worn.” And interestingly enough, the vocabulary that we graphic designers often use to describe fonts is the same that many fashion designers use to describe clothing: modern, elegant or classic, for example.

So which font are you for? In this month’s poll, choose the typeface you would like to see used on a wedding invitation. We’ll make a new design using the font that gets the most votes!

Like this font? Vote for it in this month's poll!

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