Rustic: A New Mightyvite Invitation Design

We’ve added a new design to our gallery. It’s called Rustic, and has arrived just in time for the upcoming change of season. View the pictures below, or see the design in full in the Mightyvites gallery.

What sort of event do you think Rustic is a great design for?

Mightyvite Invitation Design

4x9 invitation in colors 'stone' and 'chocolate'

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New Wedding Mightyvite!

Steph is maid of honor in her dear friend Carrie’s wedding. Carrie and her fiance, Jacob, chose letterpressed Mightyvites for their wedding invitations. The invitations were sent out a week ago and RSVPs have been rolling in online ever since. Check out the pictures below, and see more at the Mightyvites design gallery. New brides, you can have this design too!

Letterpress Mightyvite

A letterpressed Mightyvite with colors crimson and squash

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Baby Shower Mightyvite

Yesterday we finished putting together this cool Mightyvite for a baby shower. We’re pretty excited about it because it’s the first Mightyvite we’ve done for a real customer. Granted that customer is the mother of our dear friends Pat & Becky, for whom the shower is being held, but a true customer nonetheless! We’re also excited about how the design came out both in print and on the web. It’s looking good, and we hope the hosts and guests think so too.

Mightyvite invitation for a baby shower

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