Letterpress Wedding Invitations Made To Order

As an extra special supplement to our letterpress wedding invitations post from last week we have this video of the drunken monkeys being made. Stephanie put this video together of her two color design being printed on a Heidelberg cylinder letterpress. In this video the last of the two colors, gold, is being printed for customers Sarah and Bas’ wedding invitations. A lot of work goes into letterpress printing, and this video will give you a taste of it. Enjoy!

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Choosing the Right Rainbow

I’ve spent much of the past week coming up with a selection of colors to choose from for our Mightyvite designs. Sure, parts of this task were fun—I got to spend time pouring through oodles of gorgeous colors, choosing swatches that are beautiful, inspiring, and capable of producing many interesting color schemes, and coming up with fun descriptive names for colors such as “wisteria,” “citrine,” and “aloe.” But, the task also proved to be a bit of a unique technical challenge for Mightyvites.
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The death of print. Is it imminent? Inevitable?

While I was pursuing a master’s degree in printmaking and book arts, we talked about this issue. A lot. And with the release of the iPad happening tomorrow, people are chiming in with opinions from both sides. Personally, I am torn. As someone who makes prints and binds the occasional book by hand, I have a love for the tangibility that comes with printed matter. I love the weight of a book in your hands, the way the pages feel, and the sound they make when you turn them. I love holding a print and looking closely at the way the ink sits on the paper, the way it smells, and just the sheer beauty of the medium.

At the same time, things like the Kindle and the iPad completely excite me. How great is it to be able to have the books come to you, rather than have to make a trip to the library or book store? (not that I don’t enjoy those activities, but still…) It would be so convenient, and I think I’d probably read more. Not to mention the virtually limitless selection—all at your fingertips.
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