Online Wedding Invitation Combines Vintage & New Styles

Something that makes Mightyvites unlike other online wedding invitations is their ability to blend the traditional and contemporary. The idea of combining printed invitations with online RSVP and event details does this inherently, but our customers Demetra and Shaun from Florida took it a few steps further.

Ella Online Wedding Invitation

“Ella” design printed in charcoal on cream paper with QR code and offline RSVP cards

Demetra and Shaun chose to add a QR code to the enclosures that come with all Mightyvites. This made it easy for guests to go online to RSVP and view wedding details like maps and links to registry. However, they also ordered traditional offline RSVP cards to send out to a few guests who may not have been able to go online. Add to that the sweet vintage look of the Ella design and you’ve got some wedding invitations that really cover all the old-and-new-school bases! It’s certainly something to consider in this day and age, and we think Demetra and Shaun did a great job sticking to tradition while venturing into new territory with their online wedding invitation. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Are you looking for an online wedding invitation that still provides some traditional touches? Browse our gallery and choose a Mightyvite today!

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What Wedding Invitations And Wedding Dresses Reveal About The Big Day

What do wedding invitations and wedding dresses have in common? Well, they both are very revealing in what sort of mood and theme your wedding will be. Today, we matched a few of our wedding dresses with Mightvites wedding invitations to demonstrate our point!

Elegant and Refined

regalia wedding invitation doris gown

This is the balance of sophistication without any of the stuffiness. You love those small details, whether they be scrollwork in the Regalia invitation or the lace overlay on the Doris Gown. Rather than having a loud, bustling wedding, you’ll have a beautifully orchestrated and memorable affair.

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