Wedding Invitation Typefaces: Which Font Are You For?

Invitations are the first aspect of an event that your guests will see, and as such it is important to think about the tone they set for the upcoming occasion. But the words you choose for your invites aren’t the only way to set this toneā€”the typeface, or font, that you choose for those words also communicates a message. With the many thousands of fonts available today, it can seem like an overwhelming choice to make. I like to think of fonts as “clothing” for words. Like articles of clothing, each font has its own personality and appropriate place to be “worn.” And interestingly enough, the vocabulary that we graphic designers often use to describe fonts is the same that many fashion designers use to describe clothing: modern, elegant or classic, for example.

So which font are you for? In this month’s poll, choose the typeface you would like to see used on a wedding invitation. We’ll make a new design using the font that gets the most votes!

Like this font? Vote for it in this month's poll!

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