A Simple German-English Bilingual Wedding Invitation

Simple is one of our more popular wedding invitation designs. That’s why it wasn’t a big surprise when Michelle,  a customer from last summer, ordered fifty of them for her New England wedding. What was different about Michelle’s invitations, however, was that they were not only in English but also German. We’ve done bilingual wedding invitations before, and they are always a challenge because we have to fit double the information that a design is intended to hold. Thankfully we’re able to make it work.

simple bilingual wedding invitation

Simple, bilingual wedding invitation in German and English

Michelle and Christoph’s wedding invitations also differ from the one in the gallery in that they used the color sapphire instead of robin’s egg. The change in color made the invitation more vibrant, which lends itself well to a celebration like a wedding. Once printed it was clear the happy couple made a nice invitation choice for bringing guests to what I’m sure was a wonderful day.

A long overdue, but whole-heartedly meant, congratulations to Michelle & Christoph!

Are you looking for bilingual wedding invitations? Checkout the Mightyvites gallery and choose the design that is right for you. We can handle two languages on any design!

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  1. wedding invitations says:

    This wedding invitation is simple—its design, the color palette they have chosen as well as the font used—but it really works for me. It has a nice impact compared to those overdesigned wedding invitations out there.

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