Baby Shower Mightyvite

Yesterday we finished putting together this cool Mightyvite for a baby shower. We’re pretty excited about it because it’s the first Mightyvite we’ve done for a real customer. Granted that customer is the mother of our dear friends Pat & Becky, for whom the shower is being held, but a true customer nonetheless! We’re also excited about how the design came out both in print and on the web. It’s looking good, and we hope the hosts and guests think so too.

Mightyvite invitation for a baby shower

Digitally printed invitation, to be sent to the shower guests.

Online Mightyvite RSVP for a baby shower

Online RSVP. This is one of a handful of web pages that guests will use to respond to the invitation they receive in the mail.

Mightyvite map to a baby shower

Online baby shower details. In this case a map to the shower’s location. Event hosts can use the Mightyvites planner to add details (address, description, etc.) about their event’s location(s). If a Mightyvite has details about an event location then the RSVP will provide guests with a map and one-click directions between their mailing address and the location. One-click directions are also offered between event locations, if there is more than one. Driving directions appear within the Mightyvite — no need to go elsewhere online to get your directions!

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