Mightyvites’ First Bilingual Wedding Invitation

When launching a new business, there are many firsts to be proud of. First sale. First full year in business. First billion dollars earned. We at Mightyvites are particularly proud of this first: our first bilingual wedding invitation. Christina and Wojtek, also our first Canadian customers, chose the Windsor invitation in evergreen on white paper and had them digitally printed in both English and Polish.

bilingual wedding invitation

Windsor design printed in both English and Polish

As we forge onward into the 21st century, we continue to rapidly accelerate the process of globalization. One of the natural byproducts of people traveling globally for business and immigrating to follow economic opportunity is the rise of intercultural relationships and marriages. Exact numbers are a bit difficult to pin down, but let’s take a look at a small snapshot. In 1996 the United States of America recorded 169,760 immigrants as spouses of US citizens. Ten years later in 2006, the numbers of immigrant spouses of US citizens recorded doubled to 339,843. A doubling in ten years! This clearly doesn’t account for intercultural marriages of US citizens, but one would expect a rapid increase as well. Now, not all intercultural or international marriages are bilingual, but it stands to reason that as the incidence of international and intercultural marriages increases so does the incidence of bilingual marriages.

As Mightyvites’ co-founder Chris can attest, intercultural marriages do have their unique challenges. But with those unique challenges come unique rewards. Every marriage is a union. A union of two people. A union of two families. And with intercultural marriages, a union of two worlds.

NOTE: Men of the world, I offer you some advice. After you’ve RSVP’d to the Windsor Mightyvite for your friend’s/sister’s/coworker’s wedding, learn how to tie a Windsor knot. Windsor knots are perfect for formal occasions. They are well balanced and will not fall away from your collar. Besides, I don’t know of any cultures that appreciate a sloppy knot.


Are you looking for bilingual wedding invitations? If so try a Mightyvite! Our invitations are hybrids: half online, half in print!

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