Calla Again For Dayton, Ohio Wedding Reception

I’ve blogged about my friend Leslie before. Her Sicilian destination wedding was the original inspiration behind the Calla invitation design. For that intimate affair Leslie went with 1 color letterpress prints in steel on cream paper. Superbly elegant, those invites looked great. So great in fact that Leslie decided to use the same design in the same color on the same paper — this time digitally printed — for the state-side wedding reception she threw in her hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

calla wedding invitation

Digitally printed calla wedding invitation in color steel on cream paper

Letterpress is hard to beat in terms of look and feel. You really can’t replicate the tactile experience digitally. We admit, however, that letterpress wedding invitations are a pricey investment. That’s why I thought it was a smart move of Leslie to mix up her invitations for her dual-event wedding celebration. She kept the top-of-the-line letterpress for the smaller destination wedding and used the still-terrific-but-easier-on-the-wallet digital prints for the larger hometown wedding reception. I think she struck a nice balance between the two affairs, and tied them together easily by sticking with the same design. Her guests seemed to agree because I heard nothing but good things from Leslie and others at the party!


Are you looking for digital or letterpress invitations for your hometown wedding reception? Check out our hybrid invitations and pair beautiful prints with online maps and RSVP.




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