Chevron Invitations Added To The Gallery

We all know Chevron. It’s a gas station, right? That’s all I thought it was until Stephanie gave me the Chevron invitations design to add to the gallery. As it turns out chevron is an ancient design pattern that simply refers to the V-shape that you find on all sorts of insignia. Chevron can be found on road signs, police and military uniforms, family crests, and, of course, gas stations. Now it can also be found in the Mightyvites design gallery!

chevron invitations

Chevron invitations design in colors saffron and sunburst

The Chevron invitations design is available for both letterpress and digital print. The design is bold and modern, yet classy. When printed in the gallery colors of saffron and sunburst it is reminiscent of summer. It also reminds me a lot of island life, so I think it’s perfect for a wedding in Jamaica or elsewhere in the Carribean.

chevron invitations rsvp website

Chevron invitations matching RSVP website

As with all Mightyvites an order of Chevron invitations for a wedding or other affair comes complete with a design matching RSVP website. Event guests receive in the mail a Chevron invitation customized by the host with wording and color choice. Accompanying the invitation is an enclosure with instructions to RSVP online. Once online the guest is greeted with a matching, personalized website that helps them easily transmit their reply.

chevron invitations enclosure

Chevron invitations matching enclosure

Are you looking for trendy, summer themed invitations for a wedding or other big event? Consider Chevron. It’s not just a gas station!

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