Chicago Customer’s Wedding Invitations Pop With Popograph

Customers Paul & Blair were referred to us by friends Cole & Sara. The Chicago couple loved the popograph design and wanted to use it for their wedding invitations. They were concerned, however, about a handful of guests who could not easily RSVP online. We hear that often. Our customers love the online RSVP aspect of a Mightyvite because it makes it super easy for guests to reply, but sometimes there are a few guests who either cannot or would prefer not to RSVP at a website. Luckily we have a solution for that fairly typical case: offline RSVP cards. A standard Mightyvites option, offline RSVP cards are commonplace enclosures that instruct guests to RSVP via mail. Paul & Blair thought they were a great way to solve their wedding invitation dilemma, so they ordered a few for the dozen or so guests that they thought needed them.

popograph wedding invitation

Wedding invitation with online and offline RSVP enclosure

Of course the offline RSVP cards matched the wedding invitations. In this case they were digitally printed on cream paper in colors plum and steel. That color choice is different from what is shown in the gallery, but proved to be a knock out combination for their wedding invitations.

Hats off to Paul & Blair for accommodating every one of their guests, and of course a big congrats on their recent nuptials!

Love online RSVP for your wedding, but not sure how to make it easy for Grandma? Let us help you with a Mightyvite!

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