Wedding Placecards Of Chicago Skyline

If you’ve ever thrown a big gala then you know how important it is to have a well thought out seating chart. Who sits next to whom can make a world of difference in terms of guest conversation and overall level of enjoyment. Equally important is conveying to your guests where to sit so they can easily fulfill your vision of good seating. That’s where placecards come into play. A good placecard will match the theme of the event and be easily read and accessed by guests before they enter the main venue.

chicago skyline wedding placecard

Placecards are common at weddings and are often put on tables outside the main dining hall. Typically a wedding’s theme is first defined by the wedding invitation or save the date so it is preferred to have the wedding placecards match those initial pieces of wedding paper. However, that’s not a golden rule, and it’s one that our customer Karla broke last summer for her Chicago wedding. We were happy to help her do it by printing the Chicago skyline design, typically used on wedding invitations (but not hers!), on placecards for her wedding reception.

Karla went with our gallery look and had her wedding placecards digitally printed on white paper in colors frost and midnight. She had the names of ¬†guests printed on the placecard but left a blank line so that she could fill in the table number herself later once all her guests had RSVP’d and her seating chart was complete. Mightyvites placecards are customized like that for each and every customer. We can print the table numbers for you and, as you can see by the background image in the picture above, names do not have to be printed on the placecards if you’d like to fill them in later. Any which way all of our gallery designs make great wedding placecards, and we’d be happy to match them to any customer’s Mightyvite wedding invitations.

Do you need wedding placecards? Contact us today for a custom quote, and ask us about wedding invitation plus placecard bundles!

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