Cupcakes Are Not Just For The Birthday Party, They’re For The Invitation Too!

April’s invitation design poll was birthday-themed in recognition of Steph’s, and other Aries’, special day. The winner of the poll was the cupcake graphic (with balloon dog a very close second), and the result is the delicious looking cupcake design. It’s fun, there’s icing, and it has a little flag. What more could you want on a birthday invitation?

cupcake birthday invitation

Customers have used our hybrid invitations before for birthday parties but Cupcake is the first birthday design in the Mightyvites gallery. In fact, it’s our first truly themed design, and the theme is not weddings. Nonetheless I could see Cupcake used as a wedding invitation. Would be perfect for a baker bride to be!

Cupcake is a 4″x9″ invitation available in both letterpress and digital printing. The gallery version is in colors mocha and begonia, but customers can choose any color on our diverse palette. Unlike other Mightyvites Cupcake is a postcard and does not include an additional enclosure (you don’t need it! RSVP instructions are printed right on the invitation).

cupcake electronic invitation RSVP

The Cupcake RSVP website. Like all Mightyvites it matches the invitation!

Thanks to all who voted in April’s design poll! Your participation means a lot and we’re proud to put your feedback to work in the gallery. Get ready to vote again in the new month of May!


Looking for fun birthday invitations? Check out Mightyvites! You can have cupcake, another from the gallery, or a custom design.

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