Destination Wedding Invitation Fits In With The Navy

The Sea Star invitation design was our ode to the beach destination wedding. However, it recently found its way to Norfolk Virginia, home of the world’s largest naval base. We’re not sure if our customers Jennifer & Jeremy are in the Navy, but the design that they chose and the strong colors they printed their wedding invitations in make us suspect that they are associated with America’s finest fleet.

electronic invitation sea star

Jeremy and Jennifer went with a digital printing of the Sea Star design in colors midnight and steel on cream colored paper. The result is a bold print that definitely brings about nautical notions. As always, the RSVP website is a perfect match with its wavy background and solid midnight welcome screen.

sea star electronic invitation

One thing I like about this design: when you scroll the RSVP screen up and down quickly the waves in the background look like they are rolling. Nice Effect! :-)

Congratulations on your marriage Jennifer & Jeremy!


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