Ginkgo Wedding Invitation With Custom Domain

ginkgo wedding invitation

Ginkgo wedding invitation digitally printed in color citrine

The ginkgo invitation design has always been popular for weddings, and rightfully so. A ginkgo wedding invitation, with its uniquely shaped leaves and earthy colors, sets a beautiful tone for a wonderful¬†occasion. That was certainly the case with the invites that we printed for San Francisco, California customer Sean and his bride Rachael. These two kept it simple: one color (citrine) digitally printed on cream paper. We’ve seen this paper and color combo before in letterpress, ¬†and now we know that either way it’s printed the result is elegant and lovely.

In addition to wedding invitations Sean & Rachael also purchased the custom domain feature. This is a nice touch that not all customers do. With a custom domain the RSVP website included with all Mightyvites resides on the web at an address of the customer’s choosing. For example, instead of a typical Mightyvites address like ‘’ a more personalized address like ‘’ is printed on the wedding invitations. The result is a more personalized invitation with a more meaningful RSVP website address.


Are you looking for ginkgo wedding invitations and/or a personalized online RSVP experience? If so peruse our gallery and find the design that’s right for you!

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