Letterpress Wedding Invitations Get Wild With Drunken Monkeys

Weddings are fun. They are a sacred and joyful occassion followed by a big party. We all know that everyone looks forward to the reception because of the food, drinks, and dancing so why not put fun at the forefront of the wedding and include something different on your wedding invitations? Something like…a drunken monkey!! That must have been what customers Sarah and Bas were thinking when they contacted us about Steph’s drunken monkey coaster design and said they wanted that on their letterpress wedding invitations.

letterpress wedding invitations

Drunken monkey wedding invitations letterpressed in colors sapphire and gold.

Sarah and Bas went the full nine yards with their wedding invitations. A custom design was needed to create an invitation out of the drunken monkeys and then the customers chose two color letterpress on cream paper to bring the invites to life. How’d they look? Well, one recipient told Sarah “your wedding invitations were STUNNING.  Love, love, love them.” Not a surprising reaction. These letterpress wedding invitations were nothing short of fantastic. The colors, sapphire and gold, are a great combination and the design is both sophisticated and fun.

Would you like drunken monkeys on your letterpress wedding invitations? Stay tuned to the blog where we’ll soon introduce the drunken monkey design to the Mightyvites gallery!

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