Notice Wedding Invitation Gets…Noticed

Our two previous blog posts showcased the Regalia and Windsor designs. Both of those designs are beautiful, classic designs which revolve around a single visual element. We’re changing things up this week by highlighting the text-based Notice design.

notice wedding invitation

Notice design in charcoal, crimson, and robin's egg digitally printed on white paper

While there are two extremely effective visual elements in the Notice wedding invitation, the visually metaphoric two circles merging to form one and the teacher-like finger directing the reader’s eyes to the important information, they are bit players to the star: text. I think it’s important to remember that while wedding invitations are decorative and symbolic in nature, they are first and foremost informative or communicative. Great design is a marriage between the visual and functional aspects of an invitation. The Notice invitation balances the functional typography-based design with the visual element of color. Cyndi and Brad seemingly agreed as they purchased Notice wedding invitations in the gallery recommended color scheme of charcoal, crimson, and robin’s egg on white paper.

For a fascinating exploration into text-based design and typography and the role they play in our daily lives, I highly recommend watching the documentary Helvetica.

Are you looking for text-based wedding invitations? If so try a Mightyvite! Our invitations are hybrids: half online, half in print!

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