Online Wedding Invitations Great For International Weddings

One of the nicest features of online wedding invitations is the RSVP. It’s quick, easy, and guests can edit responses as the event draws nearer. It also saves your guests a trip to the post office since they don’t have to mail a physical RSVP card, and it therefore saves you postage. Another great feature is that you can post the details of your event online, which allows you to make a bounty of logistical information available to your guests— along with the usual stories and tidbits, of course! All of this is particularly useful if you are planning a wedding that includes guests from other countries. Our customers Brooke and Steve realized this, and took full advantage of everything our online wedding invitations have to offer.

Brooke and Steve live in Germany, but their wedding took place in Western Australia. Their guest list consisted mainly of addresses from the U.K., Australia, and Germany. While they wanted to utilize the convenience and functionality of online wedding invitations, they still wanted to mail paper invitations to their guests. Since hybrid invitations are our specialty, a Mightyvite was the perfect solution.

online wedding invitations notice

Notice design printed in sapphire and fucshia

Brooke and Steve chose the Notice design for their invitations in the bright colors sapphire and fuchsia. We printed them up along with the pre-addressed envelopes and matching enclosures that come standard with every Mightyvite. We then shipped them off to Germany, and the couple mailed out the invitations from there.

Mightyvites strike the perfect balance between traditional invitations and online wedding invitations, and we were happy to help Brooke and Steve plan their international event. Congratulations and safe travels to the happy couple!

Are you planning an event with guests from around the globe? Mightyvites can help bring everyone together!


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