The Palms Design: Mightyvites For Destination Weddings

One event that we think Mightyvites would be great for are destination weddings. With a destination wedding there are many special details that need to be shared with guests. Think lodging, transportation, dining, entertainment, and general local info. Not to mention the ceremony, reception, and meal choice details. Including all that information in a traditional wedding invite would require a lot of details cards and static maps.  That translates into higher invitation costs and more waste. With a Mightyvite there is no such concern because all details are created on the web using the Mightyvites Planner, and shown to guests when they  RSVP online.

Clearly we have destination weddings on the brain because this week’s design gallery entrant, Palms, has the hot and balmy look of a far off island in the Caribbean. Or maybe that’s California. Perhaps Florida. One thing for sure: that is not Chicago!

Palms is a 5×7 invitation that can be letterpress or digitally printed. The gallery images below show the design in colors ‘pumpkin’ and ‘pistachio’. As with all Mightyvites, customers can choose the paper and colors that suit them best.

Palms destination wedding invitation

Palms destination wedding enclosure

Palms Mightyvite online rsvp


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