Simple Wedding Invitations For Canadian Customer

Elyse and Corey, a 2012 customer couple from Canada, wanted minimally styled wedding invitations. When they stumbled upon our website they found what they were looking for in our simple wedding invitations design.

simple wedding invitation

Simple wedding invitation digitally printed on cream paper in colors robin’s egg and steel

The couple liked our hybrid invitation concept, but were worried about a few guests on their list who had limited online access. That’s a common concern. Many of our customers have a small segment of their guest list that cannot easily RSVP online. There are a few ways we deal with this issue, but the most elegant (and the one that Elyse and Corey used) is to send an offline RSVP.

An offline RSVP is a traditional mail-in RSVP card. They can be ordered as additional enclosures when purchasing a Mightyvite. Once purchased we work with the customer to ensure they are sent to the correct guests. To keep the head count accurate customers can record the offline RSVP responses in the Mightyvites Planner.

All that said Mightyvites has you covered for event RSVPs, both online and off. Learn more about this feature, and others, by getting in touch today.

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