Surprise Wedding Announced With Notice Invitations

Weddings are almost always a guaranteed blast within a predictable format. When that format gets changed it can be a surprise. The biggest surprise of all, however, has to be attending a wedding when you thought you were going to a party! That’s the wool our customers Alison & Gary pulled over their guests eyes with their surprise wedding.

surprise wedding invitation

Notice design digitally printed on pearl paper in colors midnight, steel, & pumpkin

Gary & Alison’s surprise wedding was disguised as an engagement party. Guests were sent engagement party invitations, and when they showed up to the event their hosts were hitched! The invites were digitally printed on pearl paper in the notice design using colors midnight, steel & pumpkin. They looked smashing, and would make any Chicago Bears fan proud.

We love it when couples get creative with their wedding, and we’re down to help with all their paper needs. Let us know how Mightyvites can help you with your surprise wedding!

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