Sweet Pea Wedding Invitation Debuts As Design In The Gallery

As you might imagine we deal with a lot of weddings around here. Prior to October 1st, however, there was one wedding that dominated our time. Mine! Yes, the love of my life and I were hitched on October 1st, 2011. It was an unforgettable day with tons of friends, family, and good times. To get people to attend we of course used a Mightyvite. My sister, Stephanie–the design genius here at Mightyvites–was tasked with creating a wedding invitation of sweet pea flowers in a particular shade of green. Why sweet peas? Because that’s what I call Tina, my now wife, then bride-to-be.

sweetpea letterpress wedding invitation

Sweetpea letterpress wedding invitation

Steph did, of course, get the job done right. She made a beautiful invitation that set a wonderful tone for our wedding. The design was a hit with our guests, and worked well on the invitations, place cards, and thank you cards that we ordered. Because the design looked so good we decided to make it available to our customers. That said, I proudly introduce to you, and the Mightyvites gallery, the sweetpea invitation design.

sweetpea invitation

Sweetpea invitation design, the newest addition to the gallery

Sweetpea is a 5″x7″ invitation design available in both letterpress and digital print. It’s a single color design and is show in the gallery as lemongrass. Note that our  invitations differed from the gallery offering by being a square shape and using a color  not on the standard Mightyvites palette. As you can see from the embossed look of the invitations, we went with letterpress.

sweetpea wedding invitation enclosure thank you card

Wedding invitation, enclosure, and thank you card

It thrills me to bring sweetpea to the Mightyvites gallery. The design was perfect for our wedding, and I’m sure it will be perfect for many customer weddings too.


Looking for sweet pea or other flower invitations for your wedding? Check the Mightyvites gallery! We have a lot of invitations to choose from.


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