Valentine’s Day Thoughts On Marriage

handbill invitation digital print

Engaged on Valentine’s Day? Then time to start thinking about wedding invitations! Like this handbill design digitally printed on cream paper in colors citrine and plum.

I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year that is set apart from the rest of the calendar by a theme of romantic love. It’s a day on which single people ponder their prospects and spoken for folks reflect on how lucky (or unlucky!) they are. For some it’s a day to level up their relationship by asking their significant other for their hand in marriage. If you’re in that camp, congrats! Regardless of the response it’s a significant step forward to recognize the one you want to be with and to muster up the courage to ask them to marry you. I know because two years ago on 2/12/11 I proposed to my wife and 8 months later we were married.

To all the lovers out there I hope you had a memorable Valentine’s Day!

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