Vintage Wedding Invitations, Texas Style

Carlie and Ryan were our first customers from the lone star state of Texas. They wanted vintage wedding invitations and were fans of the Vintage Glee invitation design. They liked┬áthe gallery version, but needed a few changes. For one, they chose colors midnight and slate instead of crimson and squash. For two, they added a QR code to their invitation’s RSVP enclosure.

vintage wedding invitations with qr code

Vintage wedding invitations with QR code RSVP enclosure

The QR code is a great convenience for guests, but the colors of this wedding invitation are what really make it stand out. The cool blue overtones give the invite a calm air of sophistication that is quite different from the version in the gallery. It was a nice choice by the happy couple and their invites looked great printed digitally. I have to say, however, that I’d love to see this color combo in letterpress. I bet the result would be outstanding.

Are you looking for uniquely colored wedding invitations printed digitally or by letterpress? Go hybrid with Mightyvites!

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