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Wedding invitations digitally printed in 2 weeks!

Wedding invitations tend to be one of the things that easily get lost in the shuffle of planning a wedding. On the one hand that’s surprising because without an invitation no one will come to the event. On the other hand it’s understandable because you can’t put together the details for the invites without first planning the wedding. That said it’s not surprising that a common request we get is to turn a Mightyvite order around fast. Folks often come to us 8-6 weeks away from their preferred RSVP date hoping to have their invites in the mail in 2-3 weeks. That’s the Mightyvites sweet spot. These customers aren’t so pressed for time that they need to send fully electronic invitations (a move they feel would set a less-than-formal tone for their wedding), but they┬áneed RSVPs ASAP and our online reply helps make that happen. Take customers Stephan & Ange from San Francisco, California. These folks needed 105 wedding invitations in the mail within 2 weeks of their order. They also wanted a custom domain for their RSVP website. We were able to deliver so that the invites were in the mail on time and guests had a typical 6-8 weeks to reply. Now that’s a timely turn around!

Are you in a pinch and need wedding invitations fast? Typically we can rush any order! Sign up today to get started.

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