Invitation Addressing Is a Pain. Let Mightyvites Do It For You!

Mightyvites Launch In 1 DayTomorrow is launch day, which means this is the last Mightyvites highlight post in our launch series. And we’ve saved one of the best features for last: pre-addressed envelopes.

Here’s the scenario: you’ve ordered your invitations, and after much anticipation, they’ve finally arrived. You are ecstatic—they look fabulous and are even better than what you had imagined. You can’t wait to send them out to your guests, but now you have to spend hours addressing each and every envelope. Talk about a buzz kill!
We at Mighty Nice believe that the invitation process should be fun and exciting, and we do all we can to alleviate some of the tedium that can normally accompany the process. Besides tracking your RSVPs, all Mightyvites also come with pre-addressed envelopes. That’s right, folks. No need to develop a hand cramp by addressing envelopes the old fashioned way, wrestle with your home printer, or hire a penman. Your Mightyvites will arrive pre-assembled in envelopes addressed to your guests, printed in a font and color that matches your invites. All you have to do is seal, stamp, and send! And if that’s too much to ask, we can even mail the invitations on your behalf for nothing more than the cost of postage. You can’t beat that!

Mightyvites Pre-address Envelopes

Be sure to return tomorrow to grab links to the official Mightyvites website. You’ll be able to browse the gallery and open an account from which you can try our event details and RSVP management. Stay tuned!

As always, questions, comments, and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can leave that here or you can contact Mighty Nice directly.

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