Mighty Nice Letterpress Business Cards!

I spent the last few days on press printing some fancy new business cards for us at Mighty Nice. We’ve found that our letterpress cards receive a good response. The texture of the printing is subtle, yet beautiful. Also, the paper we use is 100% cotton rag, which is very thick and feels almost cloth-like to the touch. People always notice this, and we receive many complements.

Mighty Nice business cards

Looking forward to handing out our new business cards!

I wanted our new cards to be single-sided because I could then print with a slightly deeper impression and show off the printing process a bit more. However, it was a challenge to fit all of our information on one side and still have a clean yet eye-catching design. We felt we needed a phrase or a sentence that describes the kind of work we do—hence, “hybrid invitations, websites, and more!” Furthermore, we have two important websites for our company: our Mightyvites site for the invitations we produce and our Mighty Nice site, which showcases the websites we design. Add this to the usual name, telephone, logo, and e-mail address, and you’ve got yourself a lot of information to cram onto a card! The challenge then becomes making the design appear uncluttered and memorable.

We’re pretty happy with how they turned out. The printing and design came out nicely, and the metallic silver ink catches the light every now and then to cast a slight shimmer. Hopefully, recipients of this card in the days to come will take note and remember us for their invitation and web design needs.

But of course, we’re biased…what do you think of our new cards?

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