Mightyvites Are Live Online!

Mightyvites Invitations Launched

And we’re off! Mightyvites are now live on the web at www.mightyvites.com. That means it’s time to check out all the cool features we’ve been talking about for the past week. Be sure to give our design gallery a look so you can pick a Mightyvite design. Then sign up for a Mightyvites account and check out our RSVP tracking and event details management. Still not sure what a Mightyvite is? Then take our fun tour or see the about page.

It has taken us ten months to build and test Mightyvites, and we are thrilled to finally have it out there for all the world to see. If you like our idea then please tell your friends about us. If you don’t then please tell us why. We want to learn from all thoughts on our products–both good and bad.

Before we head off to party for the day Steph & I would like to say thank you to everyone who has stood by us while we’ve worked to get Mightyvites off the ground. Your encouragement means a lot to us. Now it’s time to make this baby fly!

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