Mightyvites Beta Follow-Up

Over the past few weeks users have been kicking the tires of our Mightyvites beta site. The experience has been great, and overall a success. We’ve collected valuable feedback from both our beta survey and follow-up emails. Most importantly, we were able to see patterns in the feedback that suggested where we needed to make changes to improve the site. That’s the best we could hope for. No website is perfect for everyone, and with a beta you’re hoping to get multiple comments on the same problems so you can identify the parts of the website that don’t seem perfect for anyone.

Here are some of the more prominent changes we’ve made to the Mightyvites site based on what our testers told us:

  • The “Web Address” field, the very first one that users fill out when creating their event, caused a lot of problems. We’ve changed the interface and added automatic help.
  • We’ve ditched the idea of a guest list being composed of parties, and parties been made up of guests. Now we’re going with a guest list being made up of guest addresses and guest names.
  • The RSVP section of the Mightyvites site forced guests to reply to their invitation before showing them event details. We’ve changed the RSVP flow so that now guests can view the event details before replying.
  • Many people commented that we should stamp and send the invitations for our customers. Good idea, so we we’ll be offering that as an option (good thing we live next to a post office!).
  • There was nothing on the site that explained the difference between letterpress and digital prints. We’ve added a write up, along with some photos, to illustrate the difference.

Perhaps the biggest issue our testers had was that it was unclear where they should choose their Mightyvite design. That’s because there were no designs to choose from! We thought we could get away with doing every Mightyvite design as custom for launch, and build a proper design gallery later, but we’ve since changed our plan. We really do need the gallery so customers can  see our actual product and know with confidence that we can do a great job. That said we’ve decided to bite the bullet and build the design gallery before launch.

The beta also gave us a chance to try out the system we put together for handling the printed part of a Mightyvite. That’s where our special event for beta testers comes into play. We’ll be throwing a “Thankque” BBQ on July 10th at our place in Chicago, and everyone who signed up for the beta will receive a Mightyvite to the party.  We got the invitations recently and they look great. More importantly, our system for putting them together worked smoothly.

Beta testers stay tuned to your mailbox as we’ll be sending them out shortly!

Mightyvites Thankque

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  1. jerome says:

    Go Mightyvites

    Wishing you congratulations on your test run. I am excited about seeing some of the possible product in your gallery.

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