A New Year, A New Look. Mightyvites Hybrid Invitations In 2014.

2014 started out big for us here at Mightyvites. Through 2013 we worked hard on phase 1 of a redesign of our hybrid invitations website, and around the new year we completed the phase and debuted it on the web. Does mightyvites.com look different to you? If you’ve been here before then it certainly should. We’ve made significant changes to the look and feel of the site as well as to the functionality. Here’s a overview of what’s new, and a peek into why we made the changes that we did:

  • A fresh new look and layout

    The most visible change indeed. We have new colors, a new logo, a roomier layout, and a much cleaner and classier look. We simplified by doing things like shrinking our 13 step tour down to 6. We decluttered by moving the most important info to the top of the page and less critical links to the bottom. We updated content to make our hybrid invitations concept easier to understand, and did our best to showcase all images of our invitations.

  • A new design gallery

    Our designs have never looked more lovely when viewed together on one page. Now the gallery showcases our invitation designs in a way that is much more representative of our product. We also reworked every design page by adding gallery navigation links and a vastly improved ecommerce experience. Now customers can pick and choose the paper products they need, add them to a cart, and checkout all without first having a Mightyvites account. That makes ordering much easier, and helps us serve customers faster.

  • A new way to RSVP

    Previously our customer’s guests were instructed to go to a unique web address at mightyvites.com in order to RSVP (e.g. frankandlucy.mightyvites.com). The addresses were cumbersome to type in the address bar, and not easily found by Google or other search engines. Now guests can RSVP by going to any public page of mightyvites.com and clicking the RSVP button at the top of the page. That’s much easier, and should make invitation RSVPs a snap.

  • No more trial limit

    On the old site prospective customers only had 10 days to try the Mightyvites Planner and online RSVP. Now there is no limit, making it easy for users to come back at anytime and give Mightyvites a try.

  • New guts

    Not a complete rebuild of the site, but fairly close. I’ll save you the boring tech details, but let’s just say the site is standing on new, more stable legs and is optimized for growth and performance.

Why did we do all this? Because we learned a lot about commercial websites in our first couple years of business, and we knew we had to make big changes to get our website working right. How long did it take? Too long. In fact, it took over 1 year. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this thing. A lot of free time was burned. Now it’s time to see how the work pays off. Every change relates to a business goal, and we’ll be watching over the next few months to see if those goals are met. In the meantime we’ll be polishing rough edges, and planning phase 2.

We hope you like the new site, and would love to hear what you think. Please let us know on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus pages!

Extra special thanks to Randy at 3Koi Creative for all the graphic design help. To Steph, my sister and business partner, for putting up with slow turn around times while my life happened. And of course to Tina, my wife, for putting up with all the work after work and on the weekends.

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  1. Mickie says:

    Hi, Chris and Steph!

    I occasionally check out your site to get inspired. I’m learning so much as I plod along in my journey. From what you’re saying, it looks like tweaking is a constant. It’s interesting for me to see your expression of polishing the rough edges, because I used similar on my website : “Providing parents with skills and tools to smooth the rough spots of parenting.” Thanks for your inspiration, your help, and the absolutely stunning invitations you created for Anna’s wedding.

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