Mightyvites Keep You Green With Less Waste And Lower Costs

Mightyvites Launch In 2 DaysIn our previous posts, we discussed the benefits of Mightyvites’ online RSVP and event details. With two days left until launch, we’re giving you two more reasons to love those features—they help create a more environmentally friendly invitation to your event, and they help save you money.
Traditional invitations can include as many as four printed pieces and three envelopes. That’s a lot of paper, and it adds up to a lot of waste and extra dollars when you are sending out hundreds of invites. With Mightyvites, your guests will receive a printed invitation along with a single matching enclosure directing guests to the online event details and RSVP. That’s all. No tiny maps with vague directions. No RSVP cards with extra envelopes and postage. Just a simple, elegant package that directs your guests to go online, where they will find more useful details than you could ever hope to squeeze onto tiny pieces of paper.

Mightyvites Save Trees

Need more eco-incentive to choose Mightyvites? Our letterpressed invitations are printed on 100% cotton paper. Mightyvites cut down waste, not trees! Plus they’ll save you some loot. So, Go Mighty. Go Green. And feel great!

As always, questions, comments, and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can leave that here or you can contact Mighty Nice directly.

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