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Mightyvites Launch In 3 DaysThree days left until Mightyvites launch, and there’s still a lot left to highlight. For one there is the online portion of the invitation, which is one of Mightyvites’ greatest strengths. Not only do guests RSVP online, but hosts can also share with their guests detailed information about their event. Such details are integrated with the RSVP, and allow hosts to present guests with maps, links, notices, and even choices that can affect event planning.
Event details are managed with the Mightyvites Planner. One of the handiest details a host can create is an event location. With it hosts can describe where an event is to take place and can input the location’s address. If given an address the Mightyvite will generate a Google map with options for directions inside the RSVP. If an event has multiple locations (i.e. hotel and reception hall), the Mightyvite will offer directions from one location to another.

Another slick detail are Mightyvite choices. With these hosts can present choices to their guests for selection during RSVP. Guest selections will be added to their response and automatically tracked by the Planner. This is great for need-to-know information like meal choices. No longer does a host need to keep a tally of who wants steak and who wants fish because the Mightyvite will keep track of the count in real time.

Mightyvites Choices

Link sets and notices are the other two event details that can be added with the Mightyvites Planner. The former allow hosts to group together websites, such as registry locations or points of interest, for guests. The latter allows hosts to share any other written information they’d like to convey to their guests.

With a Mightyvite all event information is online and in one place. There are no printed details cards for guests to keep track of, and hosts can update details at any time. This eliminates worries about an unexpected change in venue or menu affecting printed details cards. Plus you can be sure that guests will always have the most up-to-date information about an event. We think this is how the web should change invitations, and it’s where Mightyvites really shine.

As always, questions, comments, and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can leave that here or you can contact Mighty Nice directly.

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