Mightyvites Match! What Guests See In Print They Also See Online

Mightyvites Launch In 6 Days

Our flagship product, Mightyvites, will be launching in six days. But what exactly is a Mightyvite? At its core a Mightyvite is an invitation experience that moves an event guest offline to on. Guests receive in the mail one printed invitation and a single enclosure. The enclosure has a web address and a unique code. The guest later visits the web address and uses the code to unlock the remainder of their invitation. Once unlocked the guest is greeted with a personalized web page from which they can RSVP and view event details.
Some of you may have seen an invitation like this before. What a Mightyvite does different is keep the transition from offline to on as seamless as possible by matching what is seen in print with what is seen online. The colors are the same. The design is the same. When a guest reaches the online part of her Mightyvite it feels familiar because she’s already held it in her hands. The invitation experience is cohesive, classy, and convenient.

Want to see an example? Then check out what we’ve done before. We’ve created Mightyvites for weddings, baby showers, and even a barbecue.

Mightyvites Match Print And Web

We hope you’ll agree that the guest experience of receiving and responding to a Mightyvite is a pleasant one because both acts are tied together with one great design. Mightyvites, however, aren’t just about the guest experience. They are also about the event planner’s experience, and using the web to make guest and event management easy. We’ll have more on that for you tomorrow, so stay tuned to the blog as we continue the countdown to the Mightyvites launch!

As always, questions, comments, and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can leave that here or you can contact Mighty Nice directly.

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