QR Codes Make Online Wedding Invitations Easy

online wedding invitation qr code

QR codes make online RSVP simple

You see them everywhere these days. Those weird, pixely squares on billboards, car decals, magazine ads, etc. If you know what they’re for you might zap it with your smart phone and be transported somewhere in the digital realm. They’re Quick Response (QR) codes, and they’re the fastest way to get somewhere on the web without having to make a single keystroke. That makes them perfect for an online invitation RSVP, and that’s why Mightyvites now offers QR codes as an optional detail on RSVP enclosures.

Are we jumping on the bandwagon? I don’t think so. Really! Think about it: you receive a Mightyvite in the mail–a beautiful letterpress invitation that requests you RSVP online. Next to the printed web address is a QR code. Instead of typing the web address into a browser all you have to do is fire up the QR app on your cell phone and zap the invitation code. Boom! Now you’re at the correct RSVP website. No fumbled URLs that take you to the wrong place. No 404 “page not found” errors. Just the exact place you’re supposed to go to┬áRSVP to your friend’s wedding. The cost? Just $15 to have a QR printed on every invitation. That’s a small investment for big convenience.

QR codes are one of a few enhancements we’ve made to mightyvites.com lately. Customers will also find improved head count statistics and a new export option for retrieving the RSVP of each guest. The former makes it easy to get a clear and accurate picture of the state of a guest list, the latter provides a spreadsheet with the fine-grained RSVP details needed to complete event planning.

Check out all the new features by opening a Mightyvites account today. Got questions? Leave a comment or send us an email.

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