So, What’s With The Mighty Nice Crown?

Recently, a couple of different people have asked us about the use of the crown in our logo. We thought we’d post an explanation here in case you were wondering, too.

The short answer is simply that we think crowns are Mighty Nice! It’s true. Many things are mighty and many things are nice, but when thinking of a logo mark, we had to find something that was both mighty and nice. We liked the image of a crown because of the implied mightiness that a king or queen would possess, and the “nice factor.” After all, what could be nicer than a shiny, gleaming crown?

For the longer answer, we’ll need to take a closer look at some of the important qualities that any good logo should have in relation to ours. I won’t go into everything, including some of the basics that any piece of visual communication should include (balance, cohesiveness, legibility, etc.) but hopefully this post will provide some insight into our company’s brand.

Logo design is one of the toughest jobs for a graphic designer. It’s much more involved than just making something look cool. In short, it’s about expressing a company’s core values and purpose, reaching a certain target audience or market, having resonance, conceptual thinking, versatility, endurance, and sophistication (to name a few…)—all in one mark. Creating successful logos requires knowledge, research, time, creativity, and good design sense. But the results are well worth the effort. Now, let’s take another look at that crown, shall we?


A good logo is one that people will remember. While there is more than one way to make a memorable mark, one of the keys is to keep it simple. A logo with many complicated and unnecessary elements is forgettable in part because it’s just a lot for your eyes to take in at a quick glance. Most logos are viewed very quickly. They are seen on a trucks passing by, or ads on a billboard as you race down the highway. If there’s too much going on, your viewers won’t really “see” the logo enough to remember it. So, one of the keys is to boil down all of the ideas you so diligently researched into the most simple mark possible. Think Nike, FedEx, Target, McDonald’s….

So, we liked the simplicity of the crown. Besides that, it has a distinctive shape, enhanced by it being slightly tilted and the addition of the rays. Furthermore, we liked the fact that although our particular crown is unique, it is a recognizable image and one that people are familiar with. All of these ideas combined work together to make our logo more memorable. (we hope!)


One important purpose of a logo is to communicate ideas with your audience. We wanted our logo to come across as something fun and joyous, while at the same time expresses ideas of quality, good taste, and sophistication. So we had to strike a balance of ideas, and it was tricky! For example, one of our target audiences is people who are looking to purchase invitations. Well, invitations are usually sent to announce an event that is happy and jubilant in nature. So, incorporating that spirit into our design was important. But at the same time, we needed to express the fact that we make beautiful, tasteful, and quality invitations. We felt that the tilt on the crown and the rays helped bring out the joy, and the clean typography brought things to a level of sophistication.


A good logo will work across different types of media and hold up on its own in color and black & white. As a company, we focus on combining both print and web media, so this was especially important! Our logo had to work equally well on a computer screen as in print, and should look good whether it’s scaled way up to fit on a billboard or scaled way down to fit on a business card or on the footer of a website or e-mail. Again, the simplicity of our design helps here, in addition to its bold nature.


How will it look in 5 years? in 10? in 50? A good logo will stand the test of time. We wanted to avoid trendy fonts and symbols that would look dated in a few years, and something that reflects our classic style. How did we do? Time will tell!

So there you have it! Now you know some of the thought process behind the use of the crown for our logo. What do you think? Let us know!

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