The Mightyvites Site Enters Beta

This past week we put out a call for Mightyvites beta testers. Those who sign up will get a sneak peek of our shiny new website before we launch it live. Why are we doing this? Simple: we need to know if the Mightyvites site works. We need to know if it can handle real users. We need to know if there are any glaring bugs. Most importantly we need to know if the site’s content, and Mightyvites in general, make sense to our target audience. The beta release of a website is all about collecting feedback from a sample of people who resemble the real users you hope the live site will have.
But Mightyvites don’t exist only online. There is also a print component, and we need to test that as well. How will we do that? By dividing the beta into two parts.

The first part of the beta will be us sending testers a link to a beta web address. There they can browse the Mightyvites site and will hopefully sign up for a demo. The demo gives users the opportunity to try a Mightyvite as both an event planner and an invited guest. To guide the way Steph created some nifty help videos that we hope users will find useful. We’ll also ask testers to take a short survey about their experience.

The second part of the beta will be supplying an actual Mightyvite. Since we’ll be throwing a Chicago “thank you” party this summer for our testers we figured it’s the best event for the first Mightyvite. We’ll take the mailing addresses supplied by testers and create a Mightyvites guest list out of them. Steph will create a custom design for the Mightyvite and we’ll print invitations to send to the guest list. Guests will RSVP, and we’ll get to see how smoothly our system works from event start to finish.

So that’s the plan. If it sounds like fun and you haven’t already signed up then you can still do so at If you’re already on the mailing list then hang tight and we’ll be in touch soon. A huge thanks to all who participate.

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