What The Heck Is a Mightyvite (and what does Mighty Nice have to do with it)?

The first slide of our Mightyvites tour inspired the title of this post. We put the tour together to try to make it fun & easy to learn what Mightyvites are. We think it works, but it probably does so better in its original context: the Mightyvites website. That’s right, there’s a second website on the way, and it’s much bigger and badder than its mother at mighty-nice.com.
If you took the tour then hopefully you get the gist of what we’re trying to do. We’re building an invitation system, one we hope provides a viable alternative to the existing system. We all know the existing system. When we use it for events we create a guest list and then send to each guest by mail everything they need to know about the event. Then we track the RSVPs one by one as they come in. It’s an old system with some major pros and cons. The biggest pros are that it’s highly personal and formal, thus it respects our guests and traditions. The biggest cons are that managing RSVPs is a pain and the system is often wasteful. For instance, if a guest cannot attend because of a previous commitment then why did we send them all that event information? With Mightyvites we hope to keep the pros of the old system and use the web to fix the cons.

To fix the cons we need a website. That is what mightyvites.com will be. The Mightyvites site will be the place where customers can choose an invitation design, manage their guest list, record their event details, and view their RSVPs. It will also be where guests RSVP to the invitations they receive and get all the information they need about the event. Getting all of that together has been a lot of work. It’s a lot of design time for Steph and a lot of coding for me. Everything was taking too much time, so we decided to split in two what we thought would be our one big launch.

The fuss we made last week was over our company website, mighty-nice.com. That is our public presence as a business, a place for us to give the usual yadda yadda about who we are and the services Mighty Nice provides. One of those services is Mightyvites. We are now in a position to provide Mightyvites, but mightyvites.com won’t be ready for prime time until this spring (hopefully!).

We decided to put the Mightyvites tour on the Mighty Nice site so we could give a glimpse of what is yet to come. The tour will also appear at mightyvites.com. I like to think splitting the launch in two was a smart move. It may have caused some confusion between Mighty Nice and Mightyvites, but it allowed us to start telling our story before we let the big dog out of the kennel.

What do you think? Was that a good move? We’re pretty green behind the ears when it comes to business strategy, and would love to hear any thoughts you may have.

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