Groom’s Reminder From Britain’s Royal Wedding

britain's royal weddingDid you watch the royal wedding this morning? I think my mom got up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the extravaganza. Yesterday Tina was half joking about viewing it with her girlfriend. On the radio was an interview with a gaggle of women who stayed up all night to watch the wedding. I, on the other hand, slept soundly. I’m pretty sure all of my guy friends did too.

The event has served as an important and timely reminder that, more often than not, women absolutely love weddings. Especially the big fairy tale ones that only a princess can have. It’s in their DNA or something, and is difficult for me to relate to.

I am guilty of losing sight of these facts during Tina & I’s wedding planning process. At times I’ve gotten too involved and begun complaining about hefty expenses, registry items that I find frivolous, or customs and rituals that I think are silly. Let me tell ya, that is not a good move. It creates stress and leaves me looking like a grouch. It’s best if I stay focused on the fact that our wedding day is a big day. It’s important, and bitching about details going against my grain is not helpful because it makes my bride-to-be’s life miserable, which, ultimately, undermines her ability to create the wedding of her dreams.

Tough lesson. Is that something all grooms come to terms with? I wonder if Prince William got schooled in those hard knocks.

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