Wedding Business Guy Gets Engaged

The majority of posts on this blog have been about our hybrid invitation system Mightyvites. Most Mightyvites posts relate to weddings. That’s because our hybrid invites are great for weddings, so we target that industry. Ironically it’s an industry that neither Steph nor I have dealt with as customers. We are spouseless siblings who have based our business on an experience that neither of us have had.

weird engagement photo

No, that's not us. I couldn't arrange the elephants in time.

That changed, however, on February 12th when I took the plunge and got engaged. Yes, my amazing fiancee Tina and I gave in to our instincts and decided to tie the knot. We hadn’t been dating long (only about 9 months) but I knew on date #2 that she would be my wife. I think it took her longer to come to terms with the fact that I would one day be her husband, but she did eventually give into the little charm that I have.

Since I put a ring on Tina’s finger life has been nothing short of a nuptial planning whirlwind. We’re not the type of folk to beat around the bush so we want to take our big leap ASAP, but we want to do it right. Meaning we want to include our friends and family. So we’ve gone for the big wedding. The 150+ guest list, cost-your-left-arm kind of affair.

This post kicks off my internet wedding diary. I’m gonna call it “One Man’s Wedding”, and through a series of posts I’ll record the 21st century groom experience. I’ll try to write down my thoughts and feelings on every fat check that I write and every crazy tradition I uphold. Hopefully this will give Tina & I a record of the insanity that will unfold between now and our October 1 wedding day. It may also give gentlemen readers a head’s up on all that is involved with phenomenon known as “wedding planning.”  I’ll try to keep it fun. I’ll try not to offend. First I’ll try to catch up because I’m two months behind on starting this series  and A LOT has happened in those two months. Stay tuned!

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