Mighty Nice Mentioned In The New York Times For Wedding Invitation QR Codes

mightyvites in new york timesA few weeks ago a reporter for the New York Times contacted us about QR codes on wedding invitations. She was doing a story on the phenomenon and wanted to discuss how we use the QR on Mightyvites and why. I spent a few minutes on the phone with her one day, and she spoke with one of our customers. Then we didn’t hear anything about it until early Monday morning when we got an inquiry saying “I read about you in the New York Times! Can you do a QR for my wedding invitations?” We were pretty excited. Turns out the story ran last Friday in the style section of both the web and print edition of the Times. Sure, we got nothing more than a half sentence, and they linked to the wrong website, but it helps! We’ll take all the press we can get :-)

Thanks NYT!

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