Letterpress Wedding Invitation Features New York’s Catskills

letterpress wedding invitations customers

The happy couple! Congratulations Courtney & Kelly!

Over the summer Steph, our family, and I attended the super fun wedding of our New York City dwelling cousin Courtney and her now-wife Kelly. The couple invited all of their guests out of the hubbub of their (sub)urban lives and into the tranquility of upstate New York’s Catskills.

To extend the invite Steph cooked up a custom themed letterpress wedding invitation featuring Catskills conifers and mountains. Letterpressed in colors crimson and robin’s egg on white paper, then paired with matching enclosures and an RSVP website, the complete hybrid invitation looked grand.

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Roaring 20s Wedding Invitations For San Francisco Bay Arean

There are some notable parts of America that have taken a liking to our hybrid wedding invitations. One of them happens to be the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve had quite a few customers from that NorCal hot spot, including Catrina and her fiancé (now husband!) Michael. For their wedding invitations they chose the ever popular handbill invitation design. A fun, roaring 20s style invitation that never fails to impress with with its sophistication and charm.

roaring 20s wedding invitation

4″x9″ handbill design digitally printed on white paper in colors petunia and aloe

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Letterpress Wedding Invitations Get Wild With Drunken Monkeys

Weddings are fun. They are a sacred and joyful occassion followed by a big party. We all know that everyone looks forward to the reception because of the food, drinks, and dancing so why not put fun at the forefront of the wedding and include something different on your wedding invitations? Something like…a drunken monkey!! That must have been what customers Sarah and Bas were thinking when they contacted us about Steph’s drunken monkey coaster design and said they wanted that on their letterpress wedding invitations.

letterpress wedding invitations

Drunken monkey wedding invitations letterpressed in colors sapphire and gold.

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California Wedding Invitations Roll Out In Waves

Ah, the sea. It’s expansive, somewhat uncharted, and full of the unknown. Yet at the same time it’s constant and has a dependable ebb and flow. In that sense the sea is a lot like marriage, so it makes perfect sense to put an image of the ocean on wedding invitations. Perhaps that is what Los Angeles, California customers Stephen and Tamie were thinking when they invited guests to their wedding day with Mightyvites in the rolling waves design.

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Custom Wedding Invitation Design Turned Hybrid

It’s good to have friends. That’s especially true when you run a small business. Not too long ago Steph’s friend Amanda D’Amico of Tiny Revolutionary Press got in touch with us about a custom wedding invitation design she was working on for her friends Amanda and Gery. Ms. D’Amico knew all about Mightyvites and thought our hybrid invitation concept was perfect for her friends. She asked if we could turn her design into a Mightyvite. We said of course!

custom wedding invitation

Custom designed, roaring 20’s themed wedding invitation and enclosure

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