You Asked For A Cranberry & Mocha Invitation, We Bring You The Festive Design

This week’s invitation design, festive, is appropriately named and crafted for tonight’s New Year’s activities. It is also the outcome of our December design poll, a social experiment in which we asked Facebook fansTwitter followers, and other friends to vote for the color combo they liked best for next year’s winter invitations.  It was a close poll, but the color combination “cranberry & mocha” won out. As a result we added both colors to the Mightyvites palette and used them in the gallery version of the festive design. Our palette is now 41 colors strong, a wide selection that our customers can choose from to create their perfect Mightyvite.

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the design poll! We enjoyed watching the poll change and were excited to use your feedback to create an invitation that we thought you’d like. Be on the look out for January’s design poll, and tell your friends to vote! The more people who participate the better the chance that we make something everyone likes.

Festive Invitation Design

Festive invitations are 5"x7" and can be printed digitally or by letterpress

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You Have An Occasion, We Have The Banner Invitation To Announce It.

Banners are used for all sorts of occasions. You see them at ball parks, on the walls at school, and in the air at marathons. Banners can be found hanging in churches at weddings, behind presidents on aircraft carriers, and lined up one after another at trade shows. Banners get your attention, so it seems appropriate that we’d have one in the Mightyvites gallery.

That said, this week’s design is cleverly named (get ready!) “banner”. The banner design can be used to announce weddings, anniversary parties, birthday jams, or any other big event life happens to throw your way. Banner invitations are size 5″x7″ and are available for both letterpress and digital printing. The gallery displays the invitation design in colors citrine and dewdrop, but maybe you’d prefer fuschia and evergreen. Whatever the case, I bet we have a color for you. Our palette is large.

Banner Enclosure Design

Banner enclosure with online RSVP instructions

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Having A Beach Wedding? Tell Your Guests With A Sea Star Invitation

Big news! Not only do we we have an awesome new invitation named Sea Star in the Mightyvites design gallery, but we’ve got a new blog. Well, it’s not so new. It’s just the old blog at a new location with a new look. Our blog is now at and is tied in with the main Mightyvites site. Getting that set up was a blog post in itself, and I hope to have a techy article about it soon.

Sea Star is shown in colors peacock and coral. This tasteful design would be perfect for any event that is held on a beach. The invitation and enclosure can be printed digitally or by letterpress on white or cream colored paper. The invitation is 5″x7″ and, as with all Mightyvites, is matched with an equally sized graphic that appears on the guest RSVP website.

Sea Star Invitation

The invitation guests receive in the mail

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A Simple Mightyvite

KISS, short for Keep It Simple Stupid, is an age-old software development philosophy. Simple code reads easier, maintains better, and is less buggy. From what Steph tells me simplicity is also a strong design philosophy. Simple designs, in print and on the web, look cleaner and stand the test of time better. That said, we talk a lot about keeping things simple here at Mighty Nice HQ. Simplicity is something we both strive for in our crafts. So, it makes sense to have an entry in the Mightyvites design gallery to celebrate simplicity, and that’s what we have with this week’s design: simple.

A simple invitation is a 4″x9″ print available both digitally and by letterpress. The gallery images show simple in colors “robin’s egg” and “steel”, but as with any Mightyvites design customers can customize their design choice with any of the 39 colors on our palette.  We’ll even help you find custom colors especially for your event. Just ask!

Simple invitation design

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Font Fanatics Flip For The Handbill Invitation Design

Handbill, the latest addition to the Mightyvites design gallery, really pops. For one, there are a lot of different fonts in use. If fonts are your thing, and you want an invitation that reflects that, then handbill is the design for you. For two, the colors used in the gallery sample, sapphire and begonia, really make the design stand out. That color combination reminds me of the fourth of July, and brings a splash of summer to the design gallery. Handbill, which is a 4″x9″ invitation, would look fabulous when letterpress printed. The design is also available for digital print.

Handbill Mightyvites Invitation

Handbill Invitation

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