Chicago Autumn Brings The Ginkgo Invitation Design

I’m not sure how that works, seeing as the Ginkgo tree is native to China and unlikely to be spotted in Chicago, but I’m guessing it’s the spirit of the season and the fact that the Ginkgo has unique leaves. Anyhow, I like this design. The online RSVP part of the Mightyvite has a nice background, and the colors ‘champagne’ and ‘citrine’, which are used in the gallery shots below, work well together.

Ginkgo is a 5″x7″ invitation and is available for print both digitally and by letterpress. As with all Mightyvite designs Ginkgo invites are accompanied by matching enclosures, online RSVP, and online event details. Additional enclosures are available for purchase and are perfect for offline RSVP and details you wish to keep in print.

Ginkgo Invitation Design

Ginkgo invitation

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The Palms Design: Mightyvites For Destination Weddings

One event that we think Mightyvites would be great for are destination weddings. With a destination wedding there are many special details that need to be shared with guests. Think lodging, transportation, dining, entertainment, and general local info. Not to mention the ceremony, reception, and meal choice details. Including all that information in a traditional wedding invite would require a lot of details cards and static maps.  That translates into higher invitation costs and more waste. With a Mightyvite there is no such concern because all details are created on the web using the Mightyvites Planner, and shown to guests when they  RSVP online.

Clearly we have destination weddings on the brain because this week’s design gallery entrant, Palms, has the hot and balmy look of a far off island in the Caribbean. Or maybe that’s California. Perhaps Florida. One thing for sure: that is not Chicago!

Palms is a 5×7 invitation that can be letterpress or digitally printed. The gallery images below show the design in colors ‘pumpkin’ and ‘pistachio’. As with all Mightyvites, customers can choose the paper and colors that suit them best.

Palms destination wedding invitation

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Existing Invitation Design Turned Into A Wedding Mightyvite

Rob & Ann Marie came to us with a design that they loved and wanted to turn into a Mightyvite. We were happy to do it, and think their clean and simple design translates well both in print and online. It turned out to be a nice collaborative effort for their December wedding. Congratulations, Rob & Ann Marie!

Wedding Invitation Mightyvite

4x9 wedding invitation plus enclosure

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Letterpress Or Digital, You’re Sure To Be A Winner With Winsome!

Winsome is the latest member of the Mightyvites design gallery. Sized at 5×7, this gorgeous invite can be printed digitally or by letterpress. The gallery images show the design in the colors ‘coral’ and ‘dewdrop’, both of which are new to our color palette, but there are 37 other colors customers can choose from.

We think Winsome would look great on a wedding invitation. What else would you use this design for?

Winsome wedding invitation design

Winsome: 5x7 invitation design shown in colors 'coral' and 'dewdrop'

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Now That’s A Husky Birthday Mightyvite

Our friend Lauren asked us to design a Mightyvite for her friend Anna’s 32nd birthday party. She told us Anna likes the color pink and loves her two Siberian husky dogs. Armed with this info, we got to work and came up with this darling fun, yet elegant, design. Here’s hoping Anna’s 32nd is a smashing success!

Husky-themed birthday invitation

Digitally printed 5x7 birthday invitation in colors 'Begonia' and 'Charcoal'

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