Wedding Placecards Of Chicago Skyline

If you’ve ever thrown a big gala then you know how important it is to have a well thought out seating chart. Who sits next to whom can make a world of difference in terms of guest conversation and overall level of enjoyment. Equally important is conveying to your guests where to sit so they can easily fulfill your vision of good seating. That’s where placecards come into play. A good placecard will match the theme of the event and be easily read and accessed by guests before they enter the main venue.

chicago skyline wedding placecard

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Ginkgo Wedding Invitation With Custom Domain

ginkgo wedding invitation

Ginkgo wedding invitation digitally printed in color citrine

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Chevron Invitations Added To The Gallery

We all know Chevron. It’s a gas station, right? That’s all I thought it was until Stephanie gave me the Chevron invitations design┬áto add to the gallery. As it turns out chevron is an ancient design pattern that simply refers to the V-shape that you find on all sorts of insignia. Chevron can be found on road signs, police and military uniforms, family crests, and, of course, gas stations. Now it can also be found in the Mightyvites design gallery!

chevron invitations

Chevron invitations design in colors saffron and sunburst

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Chicago Wedding Customizes Skyline Design

We’re always excited to see what customers will do to make our existing designs their own. After all, invitations should reflect the look and feel of your wedding and ultimately be an expression of the happy couple. We think Eva and Adam did a great job in customizing our Skyline design to suit their Chicago wedding.

skyline online wedding invitation

Skyline design printed digitally in ebony and buttercream

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Wedding Invitations From Bay Area Feature Dainty Floral Design

There are a few designs in the gallery that have yet to be purchased for print. Obviously not our hottest sellers, these designs are sleepers just waiting for the right customers to come along. Dainty Floral had been one such design. Then, one day last summer, Manish & Aarti of Northern California’s Bay Area chose it for their wedding invitations.

dainty floral electronic wedding invitation

Dainty floral invitations digitally printed on pearl paper in colors raspberry and steel

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