Invitation Addressing Is a Pain. Let Mightyvites Do It For You!

Mightyvites Launch In 1 DayTomorrow is launch day, which means this is the last Mightyvites highlight post in our launch series. And we’ve saved one of the best features for last: pre-addressed envelopes.

Here’s the scenario: you’ve ordered your invitations, and after much anticipation, they’ve finally arrived. You are ecstatic—they look fabulous and are even better than what you had imagined. You can’t wait to send them out to your guests, but now you have to spend hours addressing each and every envelope. Talk about a buzz kill!
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Mightyvites Keep You Green With Less Waste And Lower Costs

Mightyvites Launch In 2 DaysIn our previous posts, we discussed the benefits of Mightyvites’ online RSVP and event details. With two days left until launch, we’re giving you two more reasons to love those features—they help create a more environmentally friendly invitation to your event, and they help save you money.
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Mightyvites Manage Your Details Mightily

Mightyvites Launch In 3 DaysThree days left until Mightyvites launch, and there’s still a lot left to highlight. For one there is the online portion of the invitation, which is one of Mightyvites’ greatest strengths. Not only do guests RSVP online, but hosts can also share with their guests detailed information about their event. Such details are integrated with the RSVP, and allow hosts to present guests with maps, links, notices, and even choices that can affect event planning.
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Choosing A Mightyvite Design

Mightyvites Launch In 4 DaysWe’ve blogged previously about how a Mightyvite matches in print and online with the same design. With just four days left to go before launch you may be wondering how our customers will go about choosing a Mightyvite design. We wanted to make the design selection experience fun, easy, and flexible. So, we created a simple gallery where customers can browse through existing designs, but we also left open the option  for customers to create a custom design from scratch.
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Mightyvites Make Tracking RSVPs a Breeze!

Today’s launch post kMightyvites Launch Day 5icks off discussion about what Mightyvites can do for you, the event organizer.

Planning special events should be fun, but it does take some effort. And the larger the event, the more effort it requires. Let’s face it—for many of us, keeping track of small details such as individual guest RSVPs can grow into a daunting task. Traditional RSVP cards are easily lost. Or mistakenly thrown out. Or chewed to bits by the puppy. And let’s not forget those guests who call to change their RSVP after the fact—just one more thing to add to the ever-growing list of tasks to complete before your big day.
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