Letterpress Wedding Invitations Loved In Australia

We’ve noticed an interesting trend since we started selling wedding invitations to the world: Australians dig our work! We often get inquiries from folks down under looking to have us print their wedding invitations. A few have become our customers, and I’m happy to say that each of our Aussie jobs have been a smash hit: beautiful invites carefully shipped overseas and received by thrilled customers.

letterpress wedding invitations flourish

Two color letterpress wedding invitations on cream paper

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Chevron Invitations Added To The Gallery

We all know Chevron. It’s a gas station, right? That’s all I thought it was until Stephanie gave me the Chevron invitations design┬áto add to the gallery. As it turns out chevron is an ancient design pattern that simply refers to the V-shape that you find on all sorts of insignia. Chevron can be found on road signs, police and military uniforms, family crests, and, of course, gas stations. Now it can also be found in the Mightyvites design gallery!

chevron invitations

Chevron invitations design in colors saffron and sunburst

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Bristol Wedding Invitation Design Added To The Gallery

bristol wedding invitation

Bristol wedding invitation in colors charcoal and citrine

When I was a kid my parents used to take Stephanie and I to this place called The Bristol Renaissance Faire. As you may have guessed it’s a renfair. We used to think it was the coolest place because it felt like a step back in time. I remember deep fried mushrooms being flung around through a trail of hot oil that singed anyone in its path. I also recall getting lost, which led to my parents frantically searching for me and becoming aggravated because whenever they asked a “local” for help the wench, warlock, or whathaveyou wouldn’t break character and insisted on talking in medieval English. Those were fun days at Bristol. Fun, weird days. Why bring this up? Because the latest addition to the Mightyvites gallery, the Bristol wedding invitation design, shares the same name as that now strange but once magical place.

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Letterpress Wedding Invitation Features New York’s Catskills

letterpress wedding invitations customers

The happy couple! Congratulations Courtney & Kelly!

Over the summer Steph, our family, and I attended the super fun wedding of our New York City dwelling cousin Courtney and her now-wife Kelly. The couple invited all of their guests out of the hubbub of their (sub)urban lives and into the tranquility of upstate New York’s Catskills.

To extend the invite Steph cooked up a custom themed letterpress wedding invitation featuring Catskills conifers and mountains. Letterpressed in colors crimson and robin’s egg on white paper, then paired with matching enclosures and an RSVP website, the complete hybrid invitation looked grand.

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Drunken Monkey Invitation Finds A Home In The Mightyvites Gallery

drunken monkey invitation

5″x7″ invitation

You’ve seen them letterpressed, and you’ve read who they were letterpressed for, and now we’ve brought that over indulgent primate to the Mightyvites invitation gallery! This is our first addition to the gallery in a long time simply because we’ve been crazy busy with other stuff. We’re happy to make it available though because the drunken monkey is one of our favorite invitation designs.

This 5″x7″ invitation has only ever been printed by letterpress but we are making it available for digital print. The gallery version shows the design in colors mocha and sapphire but customers can customize their version with any color on our palette. The letterpress version printed for customers Bas & Sarah was on cream paper, but the design would look great on white or pearl.

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