Cupcakes Are Not Just For The Birthday Party, They’re For The Invitation Too!

April’s invitation design poll was birthday-themed in recognition of Steph’s, and other Aries’, special day. The winner of the poll was the cupcake graphic (with balloon dog a very close second), and the result is the delicious looking cupcake design. It’s fun, there’s icing, and it has a little flag. What more could you want on a birthday invitation?

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#27 Mrs. Eaves Calla Invitation Design

The latest addition to the Mightyvites galleryCalla, is the result of our March design poll. In that poll we asked friends to vote for the font they most wanted to see on an invitation design. The winner was the lovely Mrs. Eaves, and Calla sports Mrs. Eaves Petite Caps for the main body text on both the invitation and the accompanying enclosure.

Calla Electronic Wedding Invitation
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Letterpress Wedding Invitations: Ginkgo In Citrine

We recently completed a wedding invitation order for the ginkgo design letterpressed in one color. Our customer, Ansley and her fiance Toby, liked the gallery version of ginkgo but wanted to use the color citrine throughout. This turned out to be a nice choice for both the invitations and the matching website.

A nice touch was added by Ansley for the invitation mailing. She found stamps of hearts made out of ginkgo leaves. Since we were mailing the invitations for her she sent us the stamps and we attached them to the envelopes we printed for her guests. Overall the result was excellent, and the happy couple seemed thrilled. So much so that they asked us to print matching thank you cards for after their big day (yup, we can do that too!).

Congratulations Ansley & Toby!

Ginkgo invitation and enclosure 1 color letterpress

Ginkgo invitation and enclosure letterpressed in citrine on cream colored paper

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An Invitation For Lovebirds

The Valentine’s Day-inspired February design poll was unanimous in its vote for an invitation using the lovebirds image. Great choice folks! I think we got a cool design out of it.

lovebirds invitation design

Those cute little birds can now be found in the Mightyvites gallery. Lovebirds is a 5″x7″ invitation that can be letterpress or digitally printed. The gallery shows the design in colors robin’s egg and rasberry, but customers can choose from any of the other colors we offer. Don’t forget that the printed invitation is accompanied by a matching RSVP website, so event guests will see the birds online as well.

The Lovebirds design is the result of our third design poll. Each month we post a few design ideas that our friends and fans can vote on in order to have their say on what we include in the Mightyvites gallery. We love watching people’s responses, and appreciate everybody’s vote. Keep ‘em coming! I’m not sure what Steph has in mind for March, but I’m sure it will be worth the clicks to share your opinion. Stay tuned. We’ll put together a new poll soon.
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Chicago? Egypt? It’s The Ornamental Script Invitation Design!

I keep changing my mind on what the latest addition to the Mightyvites gallery, Ornamental Script, says to me. The design is definitely strong, making it classy for a black tie wedding or similar affair. The design also feels very Chicago. The ornament combined with the font reminds me of one of the old buildings downtown. The colors in the gallery version, however, remind me of Egypt. Maybe that’s just because I’ve got Egypt on the brain due to the media obsession with the recent revolution.

Ornamental Script Invitation Design
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